Testing and Inspection Services


View a list of American Geotechnical's current Certifications and Accreditations/Affiliations.

Materials Testing and Inspection

Our Orange County testing facility is located in Yorba Linda and is one of the most comprehensive geotechnical materials testing laboratories in Southern California.

Registered civil/geotechnical engineers supervise our in-house laboratories which are certified to provide testing services on soils and construction material.


Our Deputy Inspectors include

  • Soils Technician
  • Asphalt Concrete Inspector
  • ACI Field Concrete Testing Technician Grade 1
  • ICC/DSA Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector
  • ICC Post-Tension Concrete Special Inspector
  • ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspector
  • DSA Title 24 Structural Masonry Inspector
  • CWI/AWS Welding Inspector
  • ICC Structural Welding Inspector
  • ICC Structural Steel/Bolting Inspector
  • ICC Spray Applied Fireproofing Inspector
  • ANST Level II-UT/MT/PT
  • LAUSD Special Inspector